Artistic License by Julie. A Hyzy

Artistic License goes down like a hand dipped homemade chocolate milkshake, barely surpassing my all time favorite – a coconut surprise smoothie. Drink this one through a straw but be careful you don’t get a brain freeze.
Speaking of surprises this book is like a rare piece of artwork that one finds rummaging at an attic sale. Connosieur of comfort mysteries that I am not, I wasn’t expecting a ride on the literary wild side but a car chase shootout at the end made a believer out of me.
I like the way she uses really rough and slimy characters to advance the story. What good can possibly come out of a vibrating chair. You’ll have to read it to find out.
Some novels I’ve read it feels like you’re hacking your way through a rainforest. This felt more like a tumble down a smooth slippery water slide to me into a big wet swimming pool. Julie A. Hyzy is one very blessed writer!


A Broth of Betrayal by Connie Archer (A Soup Lover’s Mystery)

If you’re thinking about reading A Broth of Betrayal let me give you a heads up. Put down your fork! Connie Archer serves a wicked bowl of soup.
Oh there’s plenty of meat alright. Dead meat.
What drew me into this mystery was the town itself. Snowflake Vermont. I just like the name. If I was going to write about a town I’d want to give it a name that people can remember.
That’s what is great about this book and this author. If you like to immerse yourself in a good read and lose track of time this is the place to do it.
It’s a pretty intense story and it evokes a lot of raw emotion. An interesting combination of flavor. An acquired taste.
Connie Archer will lull you to sleep and scalp you before it’s through but she will also make a soup lover out of you and you will learn to enjoy it!

friends in low places

“How’s it going with the project you’re working on?” asked Brooke.
“It’s going great,” I replied. “The battle is over for the most part. I called Darryl Davis and told him to regroup for a victory parade.”
“That’s awesome Doug!” she said with enthusiasm.
“You’re really awesome too, Brooke. Thanks for hooking me up,” I said.
“You’re welcome. Keep up the good work,” she added.
“One of the things I told Darryl is that I wouldn’t be surprised if his business doubled after all the junk they went through,” I said.
“What was the straw that broke the camel’s back and solved the case?” she asked.
“You probably won’t believe it,” I said.
“Try me,” she said.
“The low lifes who were responsible for the vandalism got so desperate that they spray painted racist comments on the dumpsters behind Davis’s Dump Trailers.”
“That’s pretty low,” she replied.
“So what we did is we got some local artists to volunteer to paint a mural on the side of the building by the dumpsters and the dumpsters themselves,” I said.
“That’s very creative,” she responded.
“Thank you,” I replied. “It must have discouraged the vandals because we haven’t had one single incident since.”
“What did the mural say?” she asked.
“One of the artists took a verse from the King James Bible.
Break forth together into singing,
you waste places of Jerusalem,
for the Lord has comforted his people; Isaiah 52:9

“Beautiful,” she replied.