Artistic License by Julie. A Hyzy

Artistic License goes down like a hand dipped homemade chocolate milkshake, barely surpassing my all time favorite – a coconut surprise smoothie. Drink this one through a straw but be careful you don’t get a brain freeze.
Speaking of surprises this book is like a rare piece of artwork that one finds rummaging at an attic sale. Connosieur of comfort mysteries that I am not, I wasn’t expecting a ride on the literary wild side but a car chase shootout at the end made a believer out of me.
I like the way she uses really rough and slimy characters to advance the story. What good can possibly come out of a vibrating chair. You’ll have to read it to find out.
Some novels I’ve read it feels like you’re hacking your way through a rainforest. This felt more like a tumble down a smooth slippery water slide to me into a big wet swimming pool. Julie A. Hyzy is one very blessed writer!


2 thoughts on “Artistic License by Julie. A Hyzy”

  1. Hopping over from the Foodies Read Challenge…I enjoy a cozy mystery, now and then, especially if it includes food!

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