Cold Blooded by Peter Jahaziel

Hugo owns a pet store specializing in exotic reptiles. A first generation immigrant from a Jewish orthodox family he finds himself in trouble with the law when a band of Yakuza embroil him in a conspiracy to smuggle endangered lizards from the jungles of Southeast Asia. Desperate to escape the hands of the Japanese mafia and the local law enforcement he turns to an unlikely source.
A beautiful young tai chi apprentice by the name of Sang Niu Sung saves Hugo when the assassins come to collect a debt he cannot pay. Together they hide out on the second floor of a shop that her father owns selling Chinese noodles. One thing leads to another and Sang Niu Sung and Hugo develop a plan to clear his name with the authorities and put the mafia in their place.
Sound good so far? The two fall in love with one another as Sang teaches Hugo the martial art of Snake Creeps Down and Hugo teaches her to read the Talmud and blow the shofar. Could Peter Jahaziel possibly have set the bar to high by coming out of the starting blocks with both guns blazing?
Cold Blooded is a story of faith, hope and love with a few interesting twists!


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