When I started the 2014 Foodies Challenge I thought it would be a breeze.  I had no idea the level of competition I was up against.  I discovered myself pitted against some of the mightiest warriors in the genre and other than a few cheap shots, low blows and a lot of trash talking I’d call it a good game.  Thanks for taking it easy on me.

As far as Moon Spinners is concerned, “I love it.”  It’s a worthy addition to the collection and it’s almost a shame that such a good book be treated like another notch in the win column.  It deserves to be read for leisure and not for fodder.

Speaking of fodder if you’re a foodie like me then you will love the cuisine.  Sally Goldenbaum is an enchantress with words.  Words flow from her pen like colors from an artist’s paintbrush.  You will love the way she blends light and dark elements into a story which touches your heart and warms your soul.

Spirit food for the soul!!  Yum, yum.