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“Double Fudge Brownie Murder” by Joanne Fluke (A Hannah Swensen Mystery)

Double Fudge Brownie Murder by Joanne Fluke is a hole-in-one.  Check it out!

~Happy Trails



“A Clue In the Stew” by Connie Archer (A Soup Lover’s Mystery)

One good thing about the weather getting nice and wintry is that it often brings comfort food with it. When you think of comfort food you probably don’t think of soup immediately but think of all the millions of cold and flu sufferers who derive comfort from a bowl of grandma’s homemade chicken noodle soup. Chicken noodle soup is probably credited with saving more lives than penicillin.
And bestselling author Connie Archer is racking up the kills in her new release A Clue in the Stew. The connosieur of mystery novels has produced another sequel in The Soup Lover’s Mystery series and I can say I enjoyed reading another one. You just can’t enough with Connie. Every chapter is brimming with just enough clues to whet your appetite and keep you turning the page.
It’s hard to put down one of her books.
The original cast of characters is back but the soup menu at Soup by the Spoonful is different. I like the way the author continues to flesh out the characters more each time around. There are of course grisly murders, a copycat serial killer and a happy ending. But who would’ve guessed Asparagus would be popular as a soup?
If you like comfort food and good mysteries you’ll like A Clue in the Stew.
You’ll never look at a bowl of clam chowder the same again.
~Happy Trails

Happy Trails

I came up here to the Library today to print something out using the internet.  But while I was here I remembered this thing that I started some time ago.  And several times recently I’ve felt it tugging me to give it another try.

I’ve read a real good book recently which I ought to add to my collection.  Tales from the Perilous Realms by JRR Tolkien.  Actually it’s a collection of five shorter books written by Tolkien having little or nothing to do with Middle Earth.

One of the things I enjoyed about it is that it has a different feel than Middle Earth does and you get to experience the author’s work from a different perspective.

It wasn’t at all what I was expecting but it’s much more than I had anticipated.

I guess the best advice I can give to readers who are thinking of checking it out is read it a little bit at a time.  It’s not like Tolkien’s other works.  But his genius comes through at times.

I think I’m gonna go home and have a cozy mystery day.

Happy Trails.


When I started the 2014 Foodies Challenge I thought it would be a breeze.  I had no idea the level of competition I was up against.  I discovered myself pitted against some of the mightiest warriors in the genre and other than a few cheap shots, low blows and a lot of trash talking I’d call it a good game.  Thanks for taking it easy on me.

As far as Moon Spinners is concerned, “I love it.”  It’s a worthy addition to the collection and it’s almost a shame that such a good book be treated like another notch in the win column.  It deserves to be read for leisure and not for fodder.

Speaking of fodder if you’re a foodie like me then you will love the cuisine.  Sally Goldenbaum is an enchantress with words.  Words flow from her pen like colors from an artist’s paintbrush.  You will love the way she blends light and dark elements into a story which touches your heart and warms your soul.

Spirit food for the soul!!  Yum, yum.


Southwest Black Bean and Barley

2 1/2 cups water
1 cup Quaker quick barley
Dash of salt
1/2 cup chopped green bell pepper, tomato, and red onion
1/4 black beans
your favorite southwest seasoning

Bring water to a boil and add barley and salt. Boil for 10-12 minutes. Reduce to a simmer and add the rest of your ingredients. Serve as a side dish. Makes 3 servings.

Cold Blooded by Peter Jahaziel

Hugo owns a pet store specializing in exotic reptiles. A first generation immigrant from a Jewish orthodox family he finds himself in trouble with the law when a band of Yakuza embroil him in a conspiracy to smuggle endangered lizards from the jungles of Southeast Asia. Desperate to escape the hands of the Japanese mafia and the local law enforcement he turns to an unlikely source.
A beautiful young tai chi apprentice by the name of Sang Niu Sung saves Hugo when the assassins come to collect a debt he cannot pay. Together they hide out on the second floor of a shop that her father owns selling Chinese noodles. One thing leads to another and Sang Niu Sung and Hugo develop a plan to clear his name with the authorities and put the mafia in their place.
Sound good so far? The two fall in love with one another as Sang teaches Hugo the martial art of Snake Creeps Down and Hugo teaches her to read the Talmud and blow the shofar. Could Peter Jahaziel possibly have set the bar to high by coming out of the starting blocks with both guns blazing?
Cold Blooded is a story of faith, hope and love with a few interesting twists!

whet your appetite

It’s only July 19 and there’s still time to get in on the 2014 foodie reading challenge if you haven’t done so.
While I’m waiting on my next book selection to become available I’m taking this opportunity to do a little freestyle writing.
A couple of blogs I’m currently working on are – this will hopefully whet your appetite
1) Mr. Tuna – the ecology of the saltwater tuna from spawn to kitchen table.
2) Pancakes for a Midnight Snack – a short comfort mystery by the author of this blog.
Thanks for dropping by.