sweet science

Darryl Davis it turned out was a professional boxer in his former days. In the context of our discussion I asked him what made him decide to retire from the ring.
He rolled up his sleeve and showed me his left arm. A faded scar ran the entire length from his wrist to just past his elbow. “Doctors removed about two inches from my left forearm, Doug.”
“Did you ever fight again?” I asked.
“I got back in the ring to defend my belt but everytime I’d throw a left I’d hit nothing but air,” he said with a grimace.
“I wish I could help you there Darryl, but I may have some good news about your vandalism problem,” I said.
“Brooke told me you had a plan,” he replied.
“I’m calling it Operation Reach Advantage,” I said.
“Why don’t we discuss it over a box of wings?” he replied.
“Extra spicy,” I added.


side order

“I’m really impressed with your portfolio, Doug,” said Brooke. “I’ve interviewed candidates for the position but you’re resume outshines them all.”
“How many journalists do you know that have a background in biochemical research?” I said modestly.
“I am going to recommend you to my firm but I will take some time to bump it up the chain of command,” she said. “Until then, I have some side work if you’re interested.”
“What’s the assignment,” I said.
“I have a client here in town,” she said handing me a business card. “He’s been having trouble with vandals spray painting graffiti on his property.”
“He’s contacted the authorities?” I asked.
“Yes. He filed a report with the police. So far they haven’t turned up anything,” she said.
“I’ll give him a call,” I said, looking at the card I was holding. DARRYL DAVIS’S HYDRAULIC DUMP TRAILER REPAIR.
“Thank’s Doug, I really appreciate your help,” she said.
Just then our waiter walked up. “Who ordered the raspberry smoothie?”

extra bacon

Waking up a little later than normal I cut down my workout routine to make an early appointment. I arrived at King’s Coffehouse and ordered a breakfast club sandwich.
“Provolone or swiss?” asked the server.
“Extra bacon – sans cheese,” I replied.
“Carnivore,” she replied with a mean look. “Would you like a coke?”
“I think I’ll have a Pepsi,” I said back to her.
“We can’t do Pepsi,” she answered. “Coffee machine is down,” she added.
“Ok I’ll have a Coke,” I submitted.
As I turned to look for a table I bumped right into a beautifully full grown strawberry blonde in a slight hurry.
“Excuse me,” I said out of the corner of my mouth.
“Doug?” she asked.
“How do you know my name?” I asked.
“I recognized your voice. We spoke over the telephone,” she said. “My name is Brooke.”
“Of course,” I said. “I knew you’re voice sounded familiar,” I lied. But then I rebounded, “I just didn’t expect you to come wearing an Oklahoma City jersey.”
“It just sort of jumped out of the closet,” she said. “Are you a Thunder fan?”
“Who isn’t,” I answered.
“I hate that I missed the game last night,” she confessed. “I had a piano recital,” she said. “Did we win?”
“I didn’t read the final score,” said I, “But, the piano was up by a sizable margin. Shall we sit down?”
“Sure,” she replied.